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Range of Services

LG Blanco is well established in the commercial and industrial plumbing field. We are honored to be the preferred plumbing contractor for many retail stores, amusement parks, medical facilities, restaurants, pet clinics, food processing plants, and high-rise offices. Although commercial and industrial plumbing take up 95% of our schedule throughout the year, we do offer other services such as "Custom Residential" and a "Design Build" department.

We work with some of the top developers in California for many reasons, one of which is our design build department. Our knowledge of assisting project engineers and architects has been one of our greatest attributes. Due to material and labor inflation, we work together to make sure each project gets completed with the utmost cost and time efficiency.

The "Residential" market in California is always thriving. From remodels to new homes, we have had the pleasure of working on some of the most beautiful new custom homes throughout So-Cal. Whether it be a room addition, ADU, or a simple kitchen remodel, LG Blanco has the skilled and diverse crew with the leadership to handle any job of any scale.

Commercial Plumbing

  • High rise and low rise office buildings

  • Commercial buildings

  • Warehouse and Distribution centers

  • Hospitals

  • Pet Care

  • Medical office buildings

  • Aerospace

  • Office renovations and expansion

  • Corporate headquarters

  • Cleanrooms

  • Financial

  • High-tech

Industrial Plumbing

  • Factories

  • Prep Kitchens

  • Restaurants

  • Food Distribution

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Retail Hubs

  • Tilt Ups

  • Amusement Parks

  • Stadiums

  • Theaters

  • Gas Stations


Custom Residential

  • Custom Homes

  • Multi Unit Complexes

  • Town Homes

  • ADA Units

  • Remodels

  • Kitchen

  • Bath


Design Build

LG Blanco Plumbing offers turnkey budgeting and design. We design every plumbing system for the highest efficiency, longevity and value. Many large developers and general contractors rely on us to provide our many years of experience to design and engineer services to their needs.

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